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Is your pet feeling the heat? Make them a pet popsicle to enjoy

Jan 18, 2022 | Behaviour, Cats, Dogs, Nutrition, Pet Health

The days are long and hot at the moment and many of us are headed back to work. Our pets are still at home and need to adjust to us not being there to stimulate them. It is important to ensure that your pet has plenty of fresh, clean water and a cool shady place to escape to, but you may also like to give them a pet popsicle to enjoy and keep themselves entertained while you are at work.

The pet popsicles are very easy to make.

  1. Take a portion of their kibble for the day
  2. Cover the kibble with hot water and leave it for a while
  3. Once mushy mix it up, pop in a container and freeze
  4. Once frozen you have the perfect treat to cool your pet down.

There are lots of different recipes on the web, if you decide to use one of these, remember to be treatwise (this will count towards your pets daily intake) If the recipe includes chicken or beef stock, it is important to consider sodium levels as it can affect your pet’s health. If in doubt, please check with your vet.


Other ideas to keep your pet cool are:

  • Cooling blankets
  • Paddling pools to swim in
  • Fans
  • Place an ice pack in your rabbit’s cage
  • When possible give your pet access to a shaded grass area under a tree. This is generally much cooler than a shaded deck or concrete area.
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