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Is Ant-Bait Toxic To Your Pet?

Mar 13, 2016 | Dogs, Pet Health

We often get after hours calls from owners whose dogs have eaten some ant bait. The good news is that most ant-baits in New Zealand contain Boric acid, and this ingredient is typically non-toxic to mammals. Animals that have eaten some ant bait do not usually need treatment because symptoms are usually mild and self-limiting.
Your pet may become thirsty and salivate excessively shortly after ingesting the bait (due to the drying action) but as long as fresh water is available these signs will generally pass quickly.
Vomiting and diarrhoea may occur if larger amounts are ingested and we would recommend you phone your vet to discuss if treatment is necessary. To be honest, there is more risk from dogs ingesting the plastic bait stations than the actual bait itself so you don’t need to panic if your pet ingests a small amount of ant bait.
If you are concerned about your pet, please contact your local Anexa FVC clinic.

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