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How are your cow’s hooves looking?

Sep 26, 2019 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare, Lameness

A cow post-calving is subjected to a multitude of factors that impact on her feet: longer walking distances, uneven surfaces with the occasional stone thrown in, herd competition resulting in pressure and more time on concrete. All this results in uneven wear and tear on the soles which predisposes her to lameness. 
Lame cows with visible claw lesions are half as likely to conceive as unaffected cows and take on average 40 days longer to get in calf. 
Hoof trimming is like a pedicure for cows in that it restores the natural shape, balance and weight bearing surface of the claws. This takes them back to a foot shape as if she were a freshly calved heifer. For help identifying hooves that may cause problems, see Anexa’s over grown claw identification card or check out the photos that sit along side this article and talk to your Vet for advice. 
Stuart Rogers from Hoof-IT has partnered with Anexa Vets to provide this service for our members. With mating upon us, and added stress to claws, it is imperative cows are free of hoof discomfort. Feedback from clients so far has shown Stuart to be thorough, experienced, highly efficient and well-equipped. 
For more information or to see Hoof-It in action come along to one of Anexa’s lameness demo days: 
Te Aroha – 1st October 2019 or Gordonton – 22nd October 2019 
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