Hoof Trimming Services

Hoof Trimming Services

Cows that become lame are far more likely to be lame the following season. If a cow has been lame; treating her at the time properly and resetting the hoof shape (hoof trimming) is important preventative care.

  • Improved locomotion and stability
  • Even weight distribution on claws
  • Improved toe angle (standing and walking straighter)
  • Increased surface bearing area per hoof

Stuart Rogers from Hoof-IT has partnered with Anexa Vets to provide this service for our members. Feedback from clients is that Stuart is thorough, experienced, highly efficient and well-equipped.

  • Specialised portable hydraulic hoof trimming crush enabling quick and safe use
  • A safe service for all sizes of cattle, including bulls
  • Back up veterinary support if lameness treatment is required


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