Hoof Care Services

Overgrown hooves can cause discomfort and lead to lameness problems including:

  • Locomotion restrictions. A shortened stride can develop where the back claw falls short of the front claw placement.
  • A change in speed or rhythm. Is an early indication of lameness – when a cow slows down and ends up further back in the herd.
  • Weight bearing changes. Long toes can lead to ‘sinking’ into the claw leading to tendon extension.

Cows that become lame are far more likely to be lame the following season.

If a cow has been lame, treating her at the time properly and resetting the hoof shape (hoof trimming) is important preventative care.

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Hoof Check

Preventing lameness by identifying and recording problem hooves for intervention.

  • Milking visit – convenient time
  • Certified & experienced Technician
  • Includes whole herd check, report with hoof trimming estimate and potential savings based on DairyNZ’s cost calculator

Hoof Trimming

Preventing lameness by resetting the hoof shape for improved mobility & reduced lameness risk.

  • Evenly distribute the weight
  • Comfortable standing & better stability
  • Improved cow flow

We will trim your cows safely, efficiently and with minimum stress.

  •   Certified & experienced hoof trimmer
  •   Hydraulic crush for safety & comfort
  •   All hooves lifted & checked

Heathy Hoof Consulting

Risk assessment of farm tracks, shed layout and management on farm. Risk factors are identified recommendations made to prevent lameness.

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