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Holiday check

Dec 12, 2018 | Lifestyle Farmers

Holidays are very exciting. Before you leave, however, make sure you’ve made arrangements for the care of your animals, whether they’re indoor pets or outdoor graziers.
Here is a brief checklist with points to consider:

For graziers:

  • Write down your daily routine if you have one
  • Discuss supplementation if necessary
  • Make sure water requirements are met
  • Leave a note with emergency contact details – vet, home kill, your contact information
  • Remember cleaning instructions (chicken coop, rabbit hutch etc)
  • If you wish, you can leave some information on health hazards (bloat, wounds, down animal etc) and who to ring when there’s an animal health issue.

Check in with your vet if you would like some more advise or information to leave at home.

For small pets going into care:

  • Familiarity: visit the care facility to check you’re happy with what’s on offer, get to know the owner/carer, bring something that smells of home, supply food if your pet is on a diet. Routine s very important.
  • Health records: discuss pet’s health and vaccination status
  • Leave contact details: your details, vet details, next of kin in case of emergency

If someone looks after them in your home: discuss daily requirements (food, water, litter change, pats)

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