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Health and Safety at Heifer Teat Seal Time

Feb 1, 2018 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare, Young Stock

With Autumn just around the corner it is time to think about Milk Quality Consults and heifer
Training heifers to row up and stand quietly in the shed can be a time consuming and arduous process but vital to the safety of your heifers, farm staff and our technicians. It can also reduce the risk of teat canal injuries and mastitis due to poor hygiene during infusion. 
Last season we had the lowest incidence of technician injuries reported at heifer teatsealing time. Thank you to those farmers who took the time to train their heifers. Looking back on last year serves as a reminder to those who need to spend more time in familiarising heifers to the shed. 
Remember it is important to have extra farm staff on the day of your appointment to help restrain fractious heifers and reduce the risk of harm to animals and techs. Having heifers trained to the shed will reduce the time you have the technicians on farm for this very important job. 
This season we have a mobile teatseal trailer which maybe helpful to those farms with poor shed facilities or who have heifers which are grazing away from home. 
We will have a team of techs traveling around this season with the trailer. 

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