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Have your cows had their pre-mating “Warrant of Fitness”?

Sep 7, 2017 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare, Minerals

The time is now! Cows with subclinical trace elements deficiencies have poorer reproductive performance than their healthy counterparts. This makes sense. How can a cow create a new life when she hasn’t got enough nutrients and trace minerals to meet her own requirements? Cows that are sub-clinically low will appear normal to the naked eye, and are only identified by blood testing. 
A simple blood sample from 10 cows can tell us if there are gaps in your herd’s nutrient profile. Every season is different, and we frequently see herds that have become low in a particular mineral. Most often it is Copper. 
Remember, any problems identified need time to be corrected before mating starts, so testing earlier rather than later is advised. 
Has your herd passed its Warrant of Fitness? Call Anexa FVC today to book your pre-mating testing. 
Don’t forget your yearlings. Yearlings, whether they have been kept at home or sent to grazing, mustn’t be forgotten. Young animals have not got large stores of Copper in the liver. This means that if they are grazing on soils that are low in Copper, they do not have reserves to fall back on, and frequently become low. Soils high in Sulphur or Molybdenum can exacerbate this as these elements lock soil Copper up lowering absorption. This is an extremely common problem in New Zealand. 
Copper boluses can be a great option for this class of stock. Boluses slowly release Copper which can provide your yearlings with a steady source of supplementation throughout the mating period. Selenium and B12 should also be provided, if they are grazing on blocks that have not had selenised fertiliser applied. 
Speak to your Vet about the best way to supplement your heifers; wherever they are, we’re here to help. 

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