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Have you thought about the future of farming?

Apr 4, 2019 | Dry stock

Ashley O’Driscoll, Veterinarian, Anexa Ngaruawahia

Maybe you haven’t stopped thinking about the future of farming.

More often these days, when I sit down for a cuppa with my farmers, we talk about the future of the farm. We may briefly discuss docking percentages or daily weight gain of grazing heifers. But we always come back to their long-term vision for the farm.

There are environmental pressures (Healthy Rivers, etc) as well as significant changes within the various sectors (sheep, beef, grazing). Some sectors are becoming more volatile, while some sectors are changing focus or increasing demands. Among these changes you have to balance the terrain (steep/flat) and your own aspirations- maybe your farm suits grazing heifers but you really prefer sheep.

Don’t wait for the changing industries to decide the fate of your farm- start your tentative 5 or 10 year plan now. It’s worth thinking about, and if you want to bounce some ideas off someone… try your vet. We’ve seen all types of farms, and we’ve seen people make them work. And we love a cuppa.

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