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Grooming your pet in winter

Jun 19, 2019 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

Many people think they need to grow their dog’s hair in winter to keep them warm however often a long coat, if not cared for, can become unruly and matted.

It is just as important to maintain your pet’s coat in winter, as a long coat is more likely to get wet, hold moisture and chill your dog or cat. A damp coat is also more likely to mat which can result in itching hotspots and raw or damaged skin.

So, if regular grooming is not maintained during the winter months your dogs and cats fur can become matted and uncomfortable for them.

There are health benefits to regularly grooming dogs who need it.

Grass seeds can get caught in the fur, especially around feet or eyes often with long hair. The grass seeds migrate through tissue, and the spikes on them make it so they slowly move through tissue in one direction. This can cause infections and pain, and often need substantial veterinary intervention. Keeping your pet well groomed lessens the chance of them picking up these seeds.

There are also several skin conditions that benefit from regular grooming, as trimming fur can help increase airflow near the skin. This also applies to excessive hair around the ear canals which can predispose to ear infections.
So please consider your pets coat this winter and seek the help of a professional groomer if needed. Regular intervention during winter saves the embarrassment of a radical “short back and sides” rescue trim due to an excessively matted coat when the warmer weather arrives.

Anexa Vets offer professional grooming services at our Te Kauwhata, Huntly, Thames and Morrinsville clinics.

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