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Gold Standard Dry Off Procedure

Mar 30, 2017 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare

This is especially important when using Teat Sealant alone. 

  • Check if your teatsealant product should be warmed before inserting. Dryseal should not be warmed but in cold conditions warming Teatseal may make application easier. Do not immerse syringes in water. If tubes need to warmed, float the Teatseal bucket (with syringes dry inside) in a container of warm water. 
  • Clean and treat one teat at a time so there is no risk of the teat end getting dirty again before inserting the drycow. 
  • Clean each teat thoroughly with a separate wipe or a cotton ball soaked with Meths; often this can require more than one. 
  • Partially insert the intramammary tube, taking care not to damage the teat end 
  • Apply a generous amount of teat spray. 
  • It is best to dry cow the front quarters first and then the back quarters to avoid transferring dirt from your arms onto the back teats. 
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