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From new grad to new horizons – Travis Scott joins Anexa’s alumni

Dec 19, 2022 | Community, Working at Anexa

Travis Scott, Veterinarian, Anexa Vets

“So, this is my final day working for Anexa. It is very bittersweet leaving this job, as I have been here for nearly 8 years. I started in Jan back in 2015 in Gordonton as a fresh-faced new grad. After three years, I was given the opportunity to move to and manage the Raglan clinic at the end of 2017. After four years in that role, I moved to the Ngaruawahia team for a more Dairy focused role in November 2021.

The team of Anexa are a great group of people to work with, and I have massively enjoyed my time working across multiple clinics. I have fond memories of coercing numerous people to join me doing the Tough Mudder course, and I must say I was quite pleased we didn’t lose anyone to hypothermia or fatigue.

I would like to make special mention of Steve Harkness, who was my mentor when I first started with Anexa. Steve has always been very supportive through my time at Anexa, and I will remember fondly his sometimes questionable sense of humour, and his commitment to service to his clients.

Another very important mentor for me through my time in Anexa has been Tennielle. The support you have given me over the years with my management roles and with the challenges of completing my Masters has been invaluable. The advice and support you have provided while pursing the residency in Pathology has been amazing and I doubt I would have achieved it without you.

Leaving has been a hard decision, but it is time to find a new way to challenge myself and push my boundaries. I will miss you all and I am sure I will be catching up with many of you over the years to come.


Travis Scott,
Veterinarian, BVSc, MVMAccredited Body Condition Scorer, InCalf Advisor





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