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Floyd’s ‘spring in his step’ returns after using new arthritis treatment

Aug 3, 2023 | Dogs, Mobility, Pet Health

Barbara Cater, Veterinarian, Anexa Vets, Ngaruawahia

In June this year, Floyd got his first Beransa injection (Librella in the United Kingdom, where it has been used for over two years).

Within three days of the injection, his owners reported he was doing things he had not done for many years – dog yoga – downward dog, zoomies around the yard and keeping up with the younger farm dogs – wanting to come out of retirement rather than lagging behind. Previously he had to be lifted into the back of the truck and now is jumping in on his own again without a thought and he stands more comfortably.

Beransa is a monoclonal antibody injection given under the skin once a month for arthritic pain. Nerve growth factor (a protein produced in injured tissues) acts within dogs’ sore joints binding to receptors and forming complexes on peripheral nerves increasing sensitivity to pain and stimulating inflammatory cells to increase the inflammatory reaction within the body. Beransa blocks nerve growth factor, potentially relieving pain in our arthritic patients.

The antibody is broken down like other proteins, so it is safer on the liver and kidneys than other medications.

Floyd has enough ‘spring in his step’ to jump up, and ask for extra treats.

Floyd visited Anexa Vets Ngaruawhia for his second injection and was much happier in the consult, even jumping up and putting his front feet on the consult bench to look for more treats (having never done this before).

If you have any questions about your pets pain relief options, please ask your local Anexa vet for more information.


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