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Find your dirty cows – book your metrichecking now

Aug 3, 2021 | Dairy, Dairy Farm Reproduction

Dirty cows (cow with endometritis) have poorer reproductive performance than their healthy herd mates. Research tells us that dirty cows have lower conception and 6-week in calf rates and higher empty rates. In order to be able to treat these dirty cows, we first have to know who they are.  We recommend that every cow in the herd is metrichecked. A New Zealand study showed that if you metricheck in batches starting 2 to 4 weeks following calving, it gave a 9.6% improvement in the 6-week in-calf-rate and a 3% higher 12-week incalf rate, compared with cows treated a month prior to mating.

Contact your local clinic to book your cows’ metrichecking and to discuss timing and treatment options. The sooner we get the cows into a healthy cycle the better chance of a higher incalf rate for next season.

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