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Feline House Soiling

Sep 16, 2015 | Cats, Pet Health

Did you know that feline house soiling can often be attributed to aggression between cats, even when they are not fighting outright?

Inappropriate elimination can be caused by medical issues, location preference, litter preference, litter aversion, location aversion, marking, stress, anxiety and litter box factors such as size, cleanliness and placement. Causes of stress can include changes to the environment, new pets (particularly cats), new people or even changes around established outdoor territories with neighbouring cats.

What can you do if your cat is toileting inside?

• Make an appointment with your veterinarian to ensure there is not a medical reason for the behavior, and if there is they can organize the appropriate tests and/or medication needed.

• A ratio of two litter trays per cat is ideal with various litter types. Most cats don’t like to share toileting areas and often develop preferences for litter type and location.

• Feed cats in separate areas of the house to ensure every cat has plenty of opportunity to eat as much as it wants in its own time.

• Multiple placement of water bowls both inside and out, so all cats have free access

• Scoop out litter boxes daily and totally clean and empty them every 10-14 days

• Create separate sleeping/relaxing areas so cats can separate themselves if necessary

• With new kittens or aggressive cats; place a bell (or two) on their collar so other cats know where they are and can move away.

• Use a calming pheromone product such as Feliway diffusers and spray throughout the house.

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