Dry stock Health & Welfare

Working together for better animal health and welfare on your farm

Anexa Vets are passionate about the care of animals and will support our farmers to ensure that they are compliant with current Animal Health and Welfare regulations. We recognise that animals produce better results when their health and welfare is optimised, alongside the management of the farm and economics.

Keep you up-to-date with the latest Welfare Codes

Anexa Veterinary Services keep you up-to-date with the latest animal welfare regulations through newsletter articles. If you need to make changes to on-farm practices for compliance or to meet performance targets, Anexa Vets can provide guidance through advice, planning, provision of equipment and training.

Pain management for faster recovery

Managing pain from illness or injury will result in faster animal recovery times, better production and happier animals. Anexa Vets are here to advise you.

Compliance support

As the world becomes more curious about where their food comes from, the need for a paper trail grows. Anexa Vets can help you meet your compliance requirements and work with you to overcome any shortfalls.

Transport Certificates

Anexa vets can assess whether an animal is ‘fit for transport’ and issue transport certificate for transport, give your veterinarian a call to check.

Disease and emergency veterinary care

In the case of an outbreak, it is important that you have the number of vets you need when you need them. We are a club practice with 12 clinics across the Waikato, therefore we have enough vets to meet your needs in an emergency situation or outbreak such as nitrate poisoning. Being able to provide more than one vet in a herd emergency situation gives a faster resolution of the problem with better outcomes for the farm and for the affected animals.

Body condition scoring

A productive animal has a good body condition score. Anexa vets are certified body condition assessors and can give you an individual animal score or herd/flock score to enable you to make feed budgeting and management decisions for your herd.

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