Sheep & Beef Farm Vet Services

Anexa’s friendly team are here to help. Working with you for better animal health and production results.

Established by farmers, for farmers, we recognise that every farming business has its own set of challenges. Our approach to your stocks’s veterinary care is individualised and evidence-based. We are here to help, focused on what works for you, on your farm.

Anexa Vets are here to help. Being a farmer vet club, our recommendations for your farm are driven by the health and wellbeing of your animals and your farm’s business requirements first and foremost.

We believe in offering you evidence-based options and sharing our knowledge and skills. Whether we are working with you to create individualised animal health plans or providing 24 hour emergency service, we are focused on what works for you, your animals and your farm.

We cater for all sheep and beef farms including commercial stud, breeding or finishing farms. We provide a complete advisory and treatment service for your flock / herd health and production.

Our Sheep & Beef Farm Services Include:


Personalised animal health plans


Internal and external parasite management including drench checking


Vaccination programmes tailored to your animals


Trace element monitoring and planning


Reproductive services from fertility testing to scanning


Biosecurity plans


Productivity improvement plans


Bull and ram soundness exams including fertility testing


Young Stock Management and Dairy Grazing Plans


Technician services - Calf Disbudding, Weighing, Spore Count Monitoring, Drenching, Zinc bolusing

Farm Support Services

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