Reproduction Services for Dairy Cattle

Working together for better reproduction results

Let us help you improve your herd’s 6-week in-calf and empty rates. Getting cows back in-calf quickly drives profitability. The annual cycle of fertility management means that every month there is an opportunity to work towards improved in-calf rates. Working with our InCalf advisers allows you to focus on the key areas for improvement on your farm.

Even if you are currently satisfied with your herd’s reproduction, we are here to help with tips and to answer questions about how to maintain or improve your current performance levels. Reproduction is a complex topic, we’re here to work with you. Anexa offers a full range of reproduction services and support.

Dairy cattle reproduction services

Body Condition Scoring

It is well known that achieving body condition score targets is important to maximise your herd’s reproductive performance. But how do you know if your cows are on track? What can you do if not? There is a saying “You can’t improve what you don’t measure” and this certainly can be applied to body condition.

Many Anexa vets are accredited Body Condition Score assessors and can assist you in monitoring BCS on your farm. Depending on the time of year and the information you require, it may be better to do ‘mob scoring’ where at least 70 animals from each mob are scored, or individual cow scoring where every animal in the herd is scored and recorded. The latter is particularly useful later in the season to help with drying off decisions. Please talk to your local vet to have a chat about which options are best for you.

InCalf help

Our trained InCalf advisers are available to work with you, alongside your regular farm vet, to help you achieve your specific goals. We can work exclusively with your farm’s team or in a Farmer Action Group (meeting with other like-minded farmers) depending on your preference. The programme can be tailored to suit your needs; you may just want a one-off detailed analysis of your herd’s repro performance at the end of the season or you may prefer to develop a longer term strategy with the aim of achieving year-on-year improvements. If you are not sure if the InCalf programme is right for you and your team, please get in touch to book a free 1-hour introductory session with one of our InCalf advisers to chat through the range of options available. We just want to help improve your repro performance!

Bull Fertility Testing

A successful bull mating period is about quantity and quality – you need to have the right number of bulls available and those bulls need to be up to the job! Anexa has a team of vets experienced in bull fertility testing. Fertility testing is a quick and easy process, involving a full reproductive examination of the bulls and collection and microscopic evaluation of the sperm, giving instant results. We can do vaccinations and blood sampling at the same time if the bulls aren’t already up to date.

Metrichecking & Treatment

Dirty cows (cow with endometritis) have poorer reproductive performance than their healthy herd mates. Research tells us that dirty cows have lower conception and 6-week in-calf rates and higher empty rates. In order to be able to treat these dirty cows, we first have to know who they are.  We recommend that every cow in the herd is metrichecked. A recent New Zealand study showed that if you metricheck in batches starting 2 to 4 weeks following calving, it gave a 9.6% improvement in the 6-week in-calf-rate and a 3% higher 12-week in-calf-rate, compared to late treated cows i.e. cows treated a month prior to mating. Contact your local clinic to book your herd metrichecking and to discuss timing and treatment options.

Non-cycler & Synchrony programmes

There are many options available for the treatment and management of non-cycler cows. At Anexa, we have the latest research at our fingertips, often carried out on local farms by Cognosco, our research division. We offer all our dairy clients a free pre-mating consultation to ensure your herd is on the right track to achieve your repro goals.

Pregnancy Scanning

For more information or to book your scanning click here

Our pregnancy testing service includes:

  • Ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy (+/- predicted calving dates)
  • Manual confirmation of non-pregnant cows
  • Printed report of results, including calving dates & recheck list
  • Direct entry of pregnancy test results to MindaLIVE for Minda users
  • Brief post-scanning review of your herd’s repro results

  • Additional services available on request:
    • Technicians available to record results
    • Whole herd Individual Cow Body Condition Score assessment
    • In depth post-mating analysis with an accredited InCalf advisor
    • Tail scoring
    • Vaccinations
Staff training

We deliver pre-mating workshops for farm staff to make sure every member of the team is ready for mating. We can visit your farm to do personalised farm staff training or keep on eye on our ‘events’ page for up-coming workshops.

BVD monitoring

BVD is a costly disease and can have catastrophic effects on a herd’s reproductive performance if left unchecked. We can organise herd BVD monitoring (through bulk milk) to check for the presence of active BVD infection and to monitor changes in exposure (antibody) over time. This should be done as part of the whole farm BVD strategy along with youngstock testing, vaccination and biosecurity etc. Each farm is unique – book a BVD risk assessment with your vet to identify and manage the risks specific to your farm.

Trace mineral advice

The trace element status of your herd and heifers can have a big impact on reproductive performance. We routinely carry out blood sampling and liver biopsy to measure trace elements such as copper, selenium and magnesium (among others) both pre-calving and pre-mating. It is important not only to identify any deficiency that may be present but also to prevent toxicity (and spending money unnecessarily) through over-supplementation. Achieve the optimum levels for production and reproduction through measurement and targeted supplementation.

Dairy cattle reproduction information sheets and how-to guides

It’s often not only what you do, but also how you do it that’s important,  that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a guide handy. Check out our resources below and ensure you are taking the best approach.



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Podcast – Talking Bull: Tops tips for managing the bulls during natural mating


Podcast – Bull Fertility Testing – Why? What? How?

Information sheets


Bull fertility soundness.pdf


Individual body condition scoring.pdf


What is eCG.pdf


How the Hormone Programme works to treat non-cycling cows.pdf

Check out the latest advice from our vet team

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