Minerals for Dairy Cattle

Working together to maximise your mineral supplementation results

Getting the right mineral supplementation program for your herd is important for preventing disease and achieving top reproductive and production results on your farm. Mineral supplementation is a complex area of animal health including trace element supplementation, transition management and zinc supplementation for protection from facial eczema. Our anexa vets can help you with a plan, making it easy for you to get this right every time.

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Anexa Mineral and Trace Element Testing and Supplementation Services

Trace element testing, monitoring and reporting

Knowledge of the copper and selenium levels in your herd is important for making safe and productive trace element supplementation decisions. We recommend testing your herd’s trace element status at two key points in the year: autumn and pre-mating. To get the best value from your trace element testing a combination of liver biopsies and blood samples are required. Our large animal vets are highly proficient at liver biopsies, making the process on farm a breeze, while keeping the cow comfortable.

Trace element supplementation planning

Your anexa vet can put together the information collected from your trace element results and farm supplementation history to create a trace element supplementation plan tailored to your farm.

Transition management planning

Optimal transition management is important for minimising disease during calving and maximising long-term production and reproductive performance in your herd. Your vet can work with you to create a transition management plan tailored to your herd, optimising its performance over calving.

Facial eczema prevention

Anexa offers a range of services to keep you covered over the facial eczema risk period. We have a weekly regional spore count email and text service for members throughout the facial eczema risk season. In addition to this we can also run individual spore count tests for your own farm. Your anexa vet can also help you navigate our zinc dosage guide, working out the best plan for your farm. Once your zinc supplementation is in place, we can also test that it is working by checking zinc levels and liver enzyme values on some blood samples from your herd.

Click here to learn more about Anexa’s Facial Eczema Prevention Services

Transition mineral mixes and trace element mineral mixes

We offer a wide range of transition mineral mixes and trace element mixes. Custom mixes can also be ordered to suit your farm’s needs. Our technical sales representatives (TSRs) working with your vet can help you find the right mix for you.

Technician support for bolus insertion

Our technicians can assist you with bolus insertion. Whether it is application of zinc boluses in the facial eczema season or trace element capsules in autumn/ winter our technicians are here to help.

Minerals supplementation info sheets & how-to guides

It’s often not only what you do, but also how you do it that’s important,  that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a guide handy. Check out our info sheets below and ensure you are taking the best approach.

How to guides

Information sheets


Maize balancer product sheet.pdf


How to collect a grass sample.pdf


Zinc dosages.pdf


Stock suffering from facial eczema?.pdf

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