Milk Quality Services for Dairy Cattle

Working together for better milk quality results

Everyone has different goals when it comes to milk. Are you trying to maximize production with supplement feeding? Or do you take pride in keeping your somatic cell count (SCC) below 100,000? Perhaps you are just tired of culling cows for ongoing mastitis every year.

Anexa veterinarians are trained to work with you in the areas that you want to improve on your farm. This can range from addressing mastitis levels and SCC (including urgent response to SCC grades) to production and milking machine concerns. Anexa Vet Services  have accredited milk quality advisers within the Anexa business who can either work with you or with your local Anexa vet for in-depth analysis of your farm.

Even if you are currently satisfied with your milk production and udder health, we are here to help with tips and to answer questions about how to maintain or improve your current performance levels. Milk quality is a complex topic, we’re here to work with you. Anexa offers a full range of milk quality services and support.

Anexa Milk Quality Services

Milk sampling

Collecting and testing sterile milk samples is essential to identify which bugs are causing mastitis or somatic cell count issues on your farm.

You can either collect the milk samples yourself and drop them to your local Anexa clinic (where you can also collect sampling kits), or we can take the samples for you.

If you are interested in sampling a batch of cows (following a herd test for example), but feel that you don’t have the experience, staff or time to make it happen, an Anexa technician can collect sterile milk samples for you. Book here: Sterile milk sampling Anexa

Milk culturing and lab services

Milk culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing are carried out at our in-house microbiology laboratory at Anexa Vets in Morrinsville. Other milk tests are also available including somatic cell count and inhibitory substance testing on individual or bulk tank samples and Dairy Antibiogram (antimicrobial resistance) on bulk milk.

Herd Dry cow, teatsealant advice and tech services

Our highly trained technicians provide a gold-standard service focused on hygiene, human and heifer safety, and job efficiency. We also have a specialised teat sealing trailer that is perfect where facilities are limited or unsuitable for heifers; all that is required is appropriate yards.

Teatsealing heifers

Our highly trained technicians provide a gold-standard service focused on hygiene, human and heifer safety, and job efficiency. We also have a specialised teatsealing trailer that is perfect where facilities are limited or unsuitable for heifers: all that is required is appropriate yards.

Teat condition assessment and milking management

Our accredited milk quality vets are trained to assess the milking process and carry out mastitis investigations to help you identify possible areas for improvement. A pair of independent eyes may be all you need to identify areas to work on. A milking visit examines all areas of the milking process, including assessing teat health and condition which can have a major influence on mastitis rates.

Teat spray products and delivery

Our technical sales representatives (TSRs) alongside vets can help you find the right teat spray for your farm. We stock reputable teat spray products that can be ordered through the vets or TSRs with delivery to your farm.

Healthy Udder staff training

Anexa offers DairyNZ Healthy Udder training to farm staff teams. Our healthy udder vets work with the herd owner to create and improve systems related to the milking process and mastitis with a key focus to ensure all farm staff are up to speed.

Herd test support and interpretation

Our vets can help to interpret your herd test results. This may include helping identify cows with chronic infections, creating a dry cow therapy list or culling list. We can also order testing for Staph aureus, Johne’s disease and BVD testing at LIC herd testing for you.

Accredited milk quality advisers for Fonterra's demerit relief

We have several accredited milk quality advisers at Anexa, with more vets undergoing accreditation to recognise their expertise in this area.  Our accredited vets can assist with Fonterra- or farmer-initiated grade busting or milking management visits. If demerit relief is required, we can help you.

Milk quality (dry cow) consult

Dry cow consults or Milk Quality Consults as we call them at Anexa are not only about dry off, they’re also about the whole milk quality picture on your farm. We want to use this opportunity to discuss everything milk quality and to support you in this area.

Anexa Vets Advanced Mastitis Vets

Managing Director, Cognosco

Herd Health Veterinarian, Headlands Farm Consultant, InCalf Adviser, Healthy Hoof Provider, Accredited Advanced Mastitis Advisor, Accredited Body Condition Score Assessor

Veterinarian, Accredited Advanced Mastitis Advisor, InCalf Adviser

Veterinarian, Accredited Body Condition Scorer, InCalf Adviser, Advanced Mastitis Vet

Veterinarian, Accredited Body Condition Scorer, Advanced Mastitis Vet

Veterinarian, InCalf Adviser, Advanced Mastitis Vet

Veterinarian, InCalf Adviser, Accredited Body Condition Scorer, Advanced Mastitis Vet

Veterinarian, Advanced Mastitis Vet

Veterinarian, Advanced Mastitis Vet

Veterinarian, Accredited Body Condition Scorer, InCalf Adviser, Advanced Mastitis Vet

Milk quality information sheets and how-to guides

It’s often not only what you do, but also how you do it that’s important,  that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a guide handy. Check out our info sheets below and ensure you are taking the best approach.

‘How to’ guides:


How to collect a milk sample.pdf


How to Rapid Mastitis Test.pdf


How to prepare cotton balls in meths solution for cleaning teat ends.pdf


How to administer dry cow therapy.pdf

Information sheets


Hand hygiene why does it matter?.pdf


Teat Sealant Aftercare for Heifers.pdf


Dry Cow Therapy.pdf


Appropriate use of Anti-Inflammatories in Mastitis Cases.pdf



Getting the most out of your milk quality consult



Drying off cows - step by step guide

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