Farm staff training and education

We are a vet club, set up by farmers, for farmers with a proud history of supporting, servicing and sharing our animal health knowledge. Our vets are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the dairying industry. We’re here to help, including upskilling and training new and experienced dairy farm staff. We offer tailored, practical on-farm trainings as well as in-clinic workshops.

Tailored, practical on-farm training

    Anexa Vets provide on-farm training tailored to the experience level, facilities and requirements of the farm team.  Current training modules include:

    Dairy animal health care basics

    Recognise when an animal is unwell, learn general treatment techniques and how to use them when treating the most commonly seen conditions.

    Metabolics and down cows

    Learn about the causes and prevention of the three most common metabolic diseases, how to recognise them and which treatment options are available for each (including care of down cows).


    Recognise the stages of calving, when to intervene (what’s normal), different presentations, after-care options for prolapsed uterus and retained membranes.

    Calf rearing and scours

    Care for new borns, colostrum management, rumen development of the calf, calf shed set up and hygiene, recognising and treating ill calves.

    Mastitis theory

    Learn about mastitis causes, prevention and treatment. Recognising cows with subclinical or clinical mastitis.

    Mastitis practical techniques

    Learn how to effectively teat spray, RMT (rapid mastitis test), collect a sterile milk sample and administer intramammary treatments safely and hygienically.

    Lameness prevention and management

    Learn the causes of lameness in dairy cattle, prevention (including cow flow and cow behaviour) and treatment.

    Lameness practical techniques

    Learn how to identify the different lesions that commonly cause lameness on NZ dairy farms. Practice restraint and treatment techniques.

    Reproduction and heat detection

    What happens inside a cow for her to cycle and get back in-calf again after calving. You’ll learn how to manage the AB period, identify cows on heat and the best way to manage them. 

    Dry cow therapy and teatsealant application

    It is very important that dry cow therapy is administered correctly and hygienically, to ensure that you maximise the benefits of treatment while minimising the risk of introducing infection. If you and your staff choose to apply your own dry cow, Anexa Veterinarians can provide training and advice.

    If the topic you are interested in isn’t listed, fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you to discuss further.

    Anexa Vets have helped us improve cow condition, raise repro performance, but also injected some enthusiasm back into us.

    J & C Henry


    Anexa Vet Services provide workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year including dairy cattle reproduction, lameness prevention and  pre-calving workshops for beginners. Visit our events page for more information.

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