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Our Technical Sales Support team are here to work with you and answer your product queries you may have. We supply and deliver a full range of on-farm products at competitive prices. 

We understand farmers require a wide range of products in order to sustain good animal health, increase production and help prevent disease during a typical Waikato season. So we take great care to ensure that the product we recommend is best for your animals, and your farm system.

Our team are experienced and knowledgeable and happy to go the extra mile, we’re here to help you make sound decisions when it comes to animal health requirements.

We’re keen to talk, give one of the team a call

Sales Support - 021 802 207

Sales Support - 027 475 5618

Sales Support - 027 498 5400

Sales support - 021 851 189

Product Lines include:

  • Drenching supplies for parasite management
  • Calf supplements/milk powder and calf feed
  • Trace mineral supplementation: Vetmix customised blends
  • Facial eczema preventatives
  • Transition cow products and starter drenches
  • Macro supplements such as lime flour, salt and maize balancer

Info sheets & how-to guides

Want a little more info about our products? Check out our info sheets below or give us a call, we’re here to help.

‘How to’ guides:


Zinc Dosages.pdf


Dairy Calving Supplies - preorder form.pdf


Dry stock Lambing & Calving Supplies - preorder form.pdf

Information sheets


Calf feed Supplement.pdf


Milk replacer.pdf




Starter drench.pdf



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