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Facial Eczema 101

Dec 15, 2021 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare, Facial eczema, Podcast

In this episode of Anexa’s Podcast, In One Ear and Out the Udder, vets Emma Franklin and Margaret Perry-Hallam present ‘Facial Eczema 101’. They give an overview of what causes facial eczema and explain when and how the sporidesmin toxin causes disease. They discuss prevention strategies including zinc supplementation as well as the importance of spore counting to know the specific risks on your farm.

Emma and Margaret share some of their experiences of the disease on farms around the Waikato. 2021 was an unusual year for facial eczema, causing some farms to have major clinical outbreaks in early January yet farms were still seeing late-season cases into May.

Listen to this podcast to make sure you are prepared and ready to minimise the impact of this facial eczema on your animals and your farming business.

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