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Every dog has a tail to tell

Sep 7, 2017 | Dogs, Pet Health

Lucy Picott, Veterinarian, Anexa FVC Te Kauwhata

New animal welfare rules come into force in October, meaning tail docking is banned unless for Veterinary reasons. These new regulations will prevent lay people docking puppy tails without pain relief, as was allowed before at less than four days old. They state that tail removal can only be carried out by a Vet to benefit a dogs’ welfare.

Dogs use their tails for communication with other dogs and humans, and for balance. The primary reasons that a dog’s tail is docked is for looks, convenience, and to prevent injury; very few Vet visits are for tail injuries, even in working dogs.

We join over 30 countries worldwide that have banned or restricted tail docking. Australia, Scotland, parts of Canada and Switzerland have all banned the practice outright while countries such as England, Germany and Wales have restricted the practice to certain working dogs, though in these countries tail docking can only be performed by a Veterinarian.

So please get behind these new rules and buy puppies with tails, as they will all have a tail to tell!

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