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Ellie’s preventative care health check find

Dec 10, 2022 | Cats, Pet Health, Preventative care

Ellie cat visited Anexa Ngaruawahia for a preventative care health check. She has had some issues in the past, but those are all resolved, and the owner thought this would be the perfect time for her to have a warrant of fitness done.
After a check-up from the vet, she had bloods taken, and unusually for Ellie she defecated in her cage, so that 💩 was sent that for preventative care diagnostic testing too.
When the results came back a few days later, we were surprised to see that she had tested positive for Giardia. Giardiasis is an intestinal infection caused by a microscopic protozoan parasite, Giardia duodenalis. Giardia is a simple one-celled parasitic species; it is not a “worm”, bacteria, or virus. However, Giardia can lead to foul-smelling diarrhoea, weight loss, fatty stool, and occasionally vomiting.
Ellie was displaying no signs of the illness, so the owner was relieved to have made the decision to have the preventative care diagnostic testing done before it became a problem. Treatment for Giardia is relatively simple, just a 5-day course of Fenbendazole liquid. All three cats in the house needed to be treated, and all beds washed to prevent reinfection.
Giardia is normally obtained via contaminated water, such as drinking out of a puddle or toileting in an area where an infected cat may have also been. The owner reports that are cats remain well and is looking to book her oldest cat in for preventative care diagnostic testing too.
It is our pet’s instinct to hide discomfort, and because our pets can’t talk to us, we don’t always know how they are feeling. Preventative care diagnostic testing can catch so many diseases early and is well worth considering as part of your next annual checkup.
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