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Elected Anexa Directors Announced 2022

Oct 3, 2022 | Board, Community, News

Anexa Vet Club recently held the Board of Director election with two positions available. Gaynor Tierney and Kirsty Sing were voted in by members. We thank Greg Mills for standing.

Congratulations, Gaynor, for your re-election to the Anexa Board, which is a strong endorsement and mandate from members to carry on with the excellent work you have been doing.

Gaynor Tierney, re-elected Anexa Board Director



Congratulations to our newly elected Board member Kirsty Sing. Kirsty joined the Anexa Board at the AGM on Wednesday, 28th September, as our newly elected member Director, replacing Peter Le Heron. Kirsty and her husband Stephen sharemilk 500 cows just outside of Morrinsville. Kirsty will bring a strong business acumen from a corporate career background at LIC and Fonterra to our Board and is passionate about the importance of balanced, open and honest governance. We are excited to have you on the Board.

Kirsty Sing, recently elected Anexa Board Director



We would also like to acknowledge and thank Greg Mills, the third member that stood in the recent elections and was unsuccessful on this occasion. Overall, the Board was very pleased with the quality of the candidates. While member voting could have been stronger, member Director elections remain a key democratic pillar of the vet Club.

Anexa Vet Club’s Elected Board members for the 2022/2023 term are Bruce Thomas, David Firth, Gaynor Tierney, Mike Karl, Wayne Berry, Brendon O’Leary and Kirsty Sing.

Chairperson and deputy chairperson will be decided by Board vote when they meet in October.

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