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Duke is happy on Beransa

Oct 20, 2023 | Dogs, Health and Wellness, Mobility, Pet Health

Arnica van der Wiele, Veterinarian, Anexa Vets Ngatea

Meet Duke – Duke has been a great farm buddy and enjoys nothing more, than going on the farm bike with Ross. Duke had a serious joint injury at a younger age, which resulted in chronic pain and early onset of osteoarthritis. He has been on different pain medications over the years to give him the best quality of life and manage his joint issues. At a recent vet visit, we reviewed his meds, and veterinarian Arnica suggested Beransa, a new arthritis treatment. Beransa is a monoclonal antibody, given as a monthly injection, and revolutionary and different from any other osteoarthritis treatments.

Beransa effectively alleviates osteoarthritis pain for one month and works by specifically targeting Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a key player in osteoarthritis pain.  Duke experienced increased mobility and decreased pain after the first injection.

In owner Ross’s words:  “He is a different dog on that drug. Whereas before, he would just come for the ride, he will now jump off the side by side to chase and work my cattle now. And the fact that it is a once-a-month injection instead of having to remember pills; it’s a no-brainer to me, really. No, I am very happy with this drug. It’s great to see him loving life. Wish there was something like that on the market for me, to be honest”.

Talk to your vet to see if Beransa (for dogs) or Solensia (the equivalent option for cats) is something your pet and/or four-legged friend would benefit from.

ANTI-NGF MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES WORK DIFFERENTLY THAN NON-STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (NSAIDS). Monoclonal antibodies are highly specific immune system proteins that target and neutralise molecules involved in disease. They function like naturally occurring antibodies — they are eliminated via normal protein degradation pathways, with minimal involvement of the liver or kidneys. This means they do not have the side effects that many medications can have.


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