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Exit Drenching Ewes

Drench capsules should only be used in twin/multiple bearing ewes, lambing hoggets, or mobs that have been under significant stress. Blanket treatment of ewes is considered a high risk practice, and recognised as one of the fastest ways to promote the development drench resistant worms.
If you have used drench capsules in some of your ewes this spring, it is important to use an exit drench to clean out ewes. An exit drench is a triple or novel active (e.g. Matrix, Zolvix, Q Drench) given 100 days after the drench capsule (at the end of the capsule life). It ensures that any worms that survived the drench capsule are killed by the exit drench and not allowed to reproduce, and proliferate drench-resistant worms.

Tape drench for lambs

Tape worm infections are common in lambs, and many farmers feel the need to drench for tape as they don’t like seeing the worms in droppings or passing out of the lambs. Research has shown the production benefits of treating tapeworm infections are marginal or insignificant. However, if you wish to drench for tape, you will need to use a product that contains Praziquantel (eg First Drench) as most roundworm products won’t kill tapeworm.

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