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Do you have an older cat that seems to be eating a lot and not gaining weight?

Feb 1, 2020 | Cats, Pet Health

Has your cat become more talkative, or agitated? Has their coat lost its normal lustre? If so, your cat may be suffering from hyperthyroidism, a common disease in older cats. It is usually caused by benign nodules on the thyroid glands overproducing thyroid hormone which is one of the hormones which regulates metabolism.

Thankfully this is an easily diagnosed and treatable condition. Book your cat in for a consultation and examination with your local Anexa Vet. A simple blood sample analysed will tell us a lot of information including the level of Thyroid hormone in the blood stream which with this condition will be substantially higher than normal.

There are several treatment options for this condition, which your veterinarian will discuss with you, including tablets, gel placed on the skin of the inside of the ear (transdermal treatment) and also referral for a one of treatment with radioactive iodine. In occasional cases surgery may be performed to remove the thyroid gland.

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