COVID-19 Updates and information

COVID-19 Updates and information

3/10/2021 Update: Attention: Raglan, Te Kauwhata, Ngaruawahia, Huntly, Gordonton and Maramarua Clients:

📞 Please phone ahead for all product purchases and appointments.

Bugger, some of our clinics and communities are back in Level 3. We’re keen to keep our people and our communities safe and the best way we can think of to do this is to limit contact.

All clinics will be open there normal clinic hours but Raglan, Te Kauwhata, Huntly, Ngaruawahia, Gordonton and Maramarua clinics will have the doors closed and operating a contactless service. If you have an appointment this week, our staff will be in touch. For all product purchases please phone ahead to give us the opportunity to have your order ready and waiting.

A bit of a bump in the road, but we got this – Thank you for your understanding and kindness while we work through.

For further information or individual clinic updates please visit your local clinic’s web page.

COVID-19 Precautions – let’s keep working together by:

  • Staying home when we are unwell
  • Scanning QR codes wherever we go (clinics, farms)
  • Respecting and maintaining 2m physical distance with those outside our bubbles
  • Wearing masks, ensuring our noses and mouths are covered
  • Washing and sanitising our hands throughly and regularly
  • Being patient and kind with each other as we work through doing things a little differently.

We are happy to provide a contactless service on request – just give us a call.

While new COVID habits mean we need to organise farm work accordingly and have a bit of a backlog of pet consults, it is good news Anexa Vets opening hours can return to normal and our 24/7 afterhours services continues to operate as it always has.


Why are these COVID habits so important?

The Delta strain of COVID-19 has been found in the NZ community. It is more than 2 times more contagious than the Alpha strain (…/2019…/variants/delta-variant.html), meaning more people become infected if exposed to the virus. People infected with the Delta strain also have significantly more viral particles in their airways, creating a bigger risk of infection to others, and they remain infectious for longer.

With the Delta variant, even fleeting contact with the virus could lead to others getting infected – as little as 5 to 10 seconds. In an indoor space where ventilation isn’t adequate, somebody with the infection could have come and gone, but the virus is still lingering in the air. So, if you walk through that area and breathe that air, you could get infected. In addition, droplets left on surfaces could also lead to infection.

The Delta strain also appears to be more virulent, that is, people become sicker with this variant then other variance.

Therefore, we need everyone to take utmost care to avoid being exposed to and becoming infected, with this extremely contagious virus. By following the government guidelines and having good COVID-19 habits we minimise the risk to our communities and ourselves – let’s work together to help keep our communities safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’re here to help.


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Masks on when using essential services

Masks on when using essential services

MASKS ON: As of today (Thursday 19th August) everyone using essential services needs to wear a mask. If you have a farm booking or are using our contactless drop-off / pick-up service remember: please phone ahead 0800 284 3838 wear a mask maintain 2m physical distance...

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