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Cost of lameness

Mar 30, 2017 | Dairy, Lameness

Hanneke Officer, Anexa FVC Rototuna Veterinarian

Did you realise? 

  • A lame cow can cost you $310.09 in early lactation before she shows her lameness. Imagine the cost if you include treatment time, drugs, withhold and production loss! 
  • If more than 7% of your herd is lame per year, there are changes you can make to decrease prevalence. 
  • Regular hoof trimming not only decreases the occurrence of lame cows (resulting in increased production and improved reproduction), it also identifies most common causes and probable risk factors specific to your farm. 

Now is the perfect time to plan track maintenance to be scheduled after dry-off. Considering the significant cost, arrange a chat with your Healthy Hoof Provider regarding what is needed on your property to get it done right. If you’re comfortable walking on your tracks in bare feet, so are your cows – If not… they’re not!

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