Contactless Payment Options and Instructions

Please use the information below when making a contactless purchase through Anexa Vets.

Anexa’s clinic doors are closed, products and services are available but we have made some changes to how we operate our services. We all want to stay healthy during this time, so if you could help us out we’d appreciate it. Here’s how we see our service working during the lock down.

  1. Phone or email ahead. Please place your order via phone 0800 284 3838 or through your clinic’s contact form on our website
  1. Our staff will take your order and give you a client number to reference with your payment. (see information below). Please allow 48 hours for us to process requests due to high demand. We are an essential service, we will remain open during the lockdown.
  2. Changes to payment – all payments must be contactless at this time. Please see options below.
  1. Our staff will phone you to let you know when your purchase is ready for collection and arrange pick up.

Proof of payment must be established before pick up or delivery, so please allow extra time for this process, our staff will contact you when your order is ready.

Thanks for your understanding. Any questions or concerns, please contact your local Anexa clinic.


Contactless payment options


If you hold an account at Anexa, we can continue to put purchases on your account.

Credit card

Please provide your credit card details over the phone. This will minimise exposure, we will process the transaction and give you a call when your product is ready to collect.

Internet banking

BNZ Morrinsville, Bank Acct No. 02 0368 0024553 00
Proof of payment is required before we can process your request, as you can imagine – that’s a lot of transactions to match! It would really help us out if you label your transaction the following way:

Particulars: Clinic product is purchased from eg. Huntly

Code: Client number (this will be given to you by the Anexa staff member)

Then, so we can match up all these purchases, email your banking screenshot to [email protected] – we would really appreciate it if you could include the following info in your email.

“PAYMENT” in the subject line and in the body of the email please include
– Your preferred clinic
– Your client number (this will be given to you by the Anexa staff member)
– Your name and phone number
– product purchased


We strongly discourage cash as it puts you and our staff in a vulnerable position due to community spread (we can’t track its travel).


Anexa Vets no longer accept cheques as we are unable to process them through the bank.

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