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Congratulations Katrina Roberts – Coach of the Year, Riding for the Disabled, Cambridge

Jun 22, 2023 | Community, News, Working at Anexa

Congratulations Katrina. A well-deserved award. Your passion is evident in everything you do. We also appreciate your drive, commitment and willingness to share your knowledge too.

From RDA Cambridge Facebook page:


Coach Spotlight: Riders can’t ride without coaches, and as the recipient of the Coach of the Year 2022 hails from RDA Cambridge, it’s time to celebrate our Kat Roberts!

“For 20 years Kat has brought to the role of coach tremendous levels of energy, compassion and enthusiasm. Much loved by her riders, she genuinely cares for and respects each of them personally and celebrates every success right by their side.

Kat has a lovely way with the volunteers that ensures they feel respected, valued and very much a part of each riders achievements. Put all of that together and add in her knowledge and passion for horses, you’ll get some insight into what makes her such a fantastic and admired coach. She’s constantly striving to learn, always looking for more information to help her understand horses, how our riders learn and how she can better herself as a coach. Congratulations Kat! We think you are amazing! #changelives”

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