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Jul 5, 2017 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health, Rabbit

Anexa FVC not only raises funds for it’s own Stray Animal and Wildlife fund, but works with other charities in the community.

We are proud to support the PAWs trust and their programme of work to de-sex dogs and cats who would most likely would not be de-sexed (at selected Anexa FVC clinics). Every year, many cats and dogs are euthanised unnecessarily. Cats in particular like to wander and it is very easy for them to get pregnant resulting in many more unwanted animals. Often pets are not desexed because their owners simply cannot afford the full cost of the procedure – this is the target group for PAWs (owners must produce a Gold Card or a Community Services Card to qualify and there must be funding available at the time). You can support this work by donating goods (or money) to the local Thames PAWs opportunity shop (there are also shops in Putaruru and Tokoroa), and of course by shopping at your nearest shop. Each shop is operated by an outstanding team of volunteers and the money raised to into funding de-sexing. It is only by stopping the breeding of unwanted dogs and cats that we can stop the killing of so many unwanted companion animals in New Zealand.

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