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Colombus’s tangled tummy…

Sep 7, 2017 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

Being a Maine Coon, Colombus sits at roughly 11kg and is very fluffy, he gets very hot in the warmer months.

Colombus doesn’t like being groomed by his humans, he would much rather come visit me and have a nap while he gets shaved. He generally takes me about 1 – 1.5 hours to do, depending on how matted he is at the time. We often do a groom just before or just after Winter also, but this is generally just a tidy up to hold him over until his summer shave.

Colombus also has a sister, Blossom, who is also a Maine Coon. Blossom tends to let her humans brush her more, but we still occasionally see her for a summer groom to help with the heat.

Long haired cats who get matted, but wont let their humans groom them, will often end up with problems associated with this. Flea infestation is a big one, skin conditions such as sores on the skin or foreign bodies such as grass seeds growing into the skin. Its also very painful for them to move as it pulls a lot, and can severely depress your cat. Cats are meant to groom and keep their coats clean, it helps with moulting and also soothes them. An unclean/matted cat will often become quite depressed and unhappy. Colombus is very lucky to have parents that will send him to us to help with the big grooming job, since he wont let them do it!

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