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Claws and Consequences: Squirt’s Fight with the Abscess

Nov 8, 2023 | Cats, Pet Health

Squirt is a friendly, curious cat who is known throughout the area for his charming personality. However, he had a tendency to get into small fight with other cats from time to time.

One sunny afternoon, Squirt went home with a small bite wound on his back end on the left side, which did not seem to be serious at the time. But over the next couple days, Squirt’s Owner, Sarah, noticed that the wound started to swell, and Squirt was not his usual sprightly self. He was sleeping all the time, and some discharge began to come out from the wound.

Concerned for her beloved pet, Sarah took Squirt to the local veterinary clinic, Anexa Vets Te Kauwhata. The vet, Dr. Kidd, carefully examined the abscess and confirmed it was indeed infected. He explained to Sarah that abscesses often result from cat bite wounds due to the bacteria in the cat’s mouth. Dr. Kidd also noticed inflammation of the right eye that had a tear on the third eyelid, which also needed to be treated.

Dr. Kidd recommended having the abscess lanced and drained, and the third eyelid repaired. Sarah agreed, knowing that it was the best course of action to help her furry friend. Squirt was sedated to ensure he wouldn’t experience any pain during the procedure. Dr. Kidd carefully trimmed out the necrotic skin margin and drained the pus, which immediately relieved the pressure and discomfort that Squirt had been feeling. He then put stitches across the wound and sutured the skin back together. The free-end third eyelid that was torn needed to be cut out to make sure no further damage was done to the corneal surface. Finally, he prescribed antibiotics and provided instructions on how to care for the wound at home.

Over the next week, Sarah diligently administered the antibiotics and followed Dr. Kidd’s guidance for wound care. The wound began to heal, and the infection cleared up completely. Squirt has gradually regained his energy and playfulness.

Squirt and Sarah were relieved that they had sought professional help from Anexa Vets because untreated abscesses can lead to serious and even fatal health issues.

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