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Cattle and Sheep breeds: the pretty, the ugly, and the angry!

Dec 12, 2018 | Lifestyle Farmers

We’re all used to seeing purebred dogs, but what about purebred cattle and sheep?! Unusual breeds of livestock are starting to get more popular. But why would you want (or not want) one?

Just as with dogs, most people who purchase specific breeds of cattle and sheep do so based on their looks. It’s nice to see something a bit different in the front paddock. Some sheep have spots or come in browns and blacks- this is far more exciting than white! Cattle come in all sorts of designs such as the Belted Galloway, British White, and Speckled Park. Also some people like Highland cattle for their shaggy coat- but have you thought about the danger they can pose with their big, sharp horns?

Always make sure that the breed of livestock you are buying suits your needs. Are you buying a companion or a freezer beast? How big is this animal going to grow, and are they the best choice to be meat animals?

Remember to consider the temperament of the animal before you choose based on looks. Go and visit the herd- are they friendly or feral? Better a friendly, ugly mixed breed than a psychotic purebred animal!

If you are really interested in a specific breed of cattle or sheep, consider contacting your local breed society. They can give you good advice on your chosen breed, as well as help with sourcing animals to start your herd/flock! Feel free to contact your local Anexa Vet clinic to discuss caring for your special livestock, purebred or not!

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