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Podcast – Calves: from weaning to grazing

Nov 8, 2021 | Dairy, Podcast, Young Stock

Join Anexa Dairy Vets for a low key chat about all things Animal Health. This podcast series is aimed at staff on dairy farms that want to learn more. Designed to be an easy-listen while you are bringing the cows to the shed for milking or hosing the yard down, these interview-style chats aim to help create common knowledge on-farm and provide some points for discussion amongst the farm team.


In this episode, Emma Franklin chats with Emma Bullock (yes, both vets are called Emma!) about calf vaccinations, drenching and feeding meal to your calves after weaning off milk. They explain which diseases your calves might be vaccinated against, and when those vaccines should be given. They talk about the practical aspects of drenching calves for worms and a few pointers about why feeding meal is recommended. They sum up with the importance of managing stressful events in a calf’s life so your calves can thrive and reach their potential.

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