Bull Fertility Testing

Bull fertility testing and soundness exams

A successful bull mating period relies on both quantity and quality – you need to have the right number of fertile bulls available, and those bulls each need to have enough good quality sperm to get cows pregnant! Anexa has a team of vets experienced in bull fertility testing. Fertility testing is a quick and easy process, involving a full reproductive examination of the bulls and collection and microscopic evaluation of the semen, giving instant results. We can do vaccinations and blood sampling at the same time if the bulls aren’t already up to date.

Anexa’s bull fertility service includes:


General health and condition check


Penis checked for deformities or injuries


Palpation of internal sex glands


Semen concentration and motility examination

Results are immediate and we can BVD test and vaccinate at the same time    BOOK NOW using the form below! 

Anexa Vets Bull Fertility Team

Veterinarian; Headlands Farm Consultant, InCalf Adviser, Accredited Body Condition Score Assessor

Veterinarian, Accredited Advanced Mastitis Advisor, InCalf Adviser

Veterinarian, InCalf Adviser

Veterinarian, Advanced Mastitis Vet

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