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Break the Flea Cycle

Sep 6, 2016 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

Over the winter months many pet owners may become complacent, with lapses in their pet’s flea control. In the North Island the climate is too mild to kill off all fleas over winter so, although flea numbers are reduced, they are still there.

Come spring and summer, the flea population explodes and these little critters can become a real issue. Treating religiously once a month will eliminate this problem.

Flea’s cause health issues. We see plenty of animals with Flea Allergy Dermatitis [FAD]. This form of dermatitis only takes a single flea bite for your pet’s skin to react. FAD can result in redness, sores, itchiness and hair loss.

Worms can’t be ignored either.

As a general rule worm your animal every 3 months to keep your animal healthy. Some flea treatments come with worm treatment as a combination. Your pets can pick up worms from anywhere; puppies and kittens are born with roundworms, pets will ingest worms when hunting, foraging outside or from other animals’ faeces. Your children can also get worms for your pets. Major worm burdens can cause health issues, bellies that are bloated in appearance, an increased appetite, looser stools and lethargy in your pet. If you are unsure about which worm treatment you should be using call into one of our clinics.
It’s easy to remember: Treat MONTHLY for fleas and 3 MONTHLY for worms.

Call into your local clinic and talk to us about which treatments will work best for your pet.

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