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As the Te Kauwhata community grows, so does the Anexa Vet clinic

Sep 15, 2022 | News, Working at Anexa

Are you wondering what’s happening next to Anexa Vets Te Kauwhata? Have you noticed that the ground has been excavated, fencing erected, and signs for Downey’s construction in place?

Te Kauwhata and surrounding areas are expanding. Businesses are moving into the area; new housing developments are being built; our community is growing. Recognising this change, Anexa Vets wants to ensure we continue providing our community with the required animal health services and facilities. Meeting the needs of our pet owners and farming clients alike is Anexa’s priority. With this in mind, Anexa Veterinary Services are delighted to announce that work has begun constructing a new purpose-built veterinary clinic. While we await some of the council consents required for us to progress on this project, now is an opportune moment to share our news.

“Anexa Vet Services’ new Te Kauwhata clinic is under construction. The team and many clients I have spoken to are excited to see this project underway. Building a new purpose-built vet clinic has allowed us to make the most of the space available. The new clinic will have a much better, customer-friendly shop layout. We will be able to stock a comprehensive range of products for pet and farm animals – some of the products you may have had to order in because we didn’t have space, will now be stocked. You will also be able to see all the products in one place – I think the new layout will definitely give a much better customer experience.

Anexa Te Kauwhata’s companion animal veterinary services will be extended. We expect the community to grow and have factored this into our plans. In the new building, there are several consult rooms, a dedicated X-ray suite to enable on-the-day diagnostics, a full in-house laboratory, a dedicated operating theatre, and separate dog and cat wards to ensure the comfort of our day patients. 

When our farming clients join us for planning consults, we will have more privacy than we do now, as the new building will have a meeting room. Our farm vet team also looks forward to using the dedicated area to clean the large animal equipment.

 – it’s very exciting, and it’s great to see construction start. We can’t wait to work with our community in our new purpose-built clinic in the very near future.” 

Ben Hitchcock, Anexa Veterinarian 

To ensure we can still provide our services to the Te Kauwhata area, the existing clinic will continue to function as usual to ensure minimal disruption to the community and our team. We look forward to welcoming you into the new clinic in Autumn 2023!


Construction is underway, we look forward to moving into the new clinic right next door in Autumn 2023.



Architectural drawings of the new clinic look and feel

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