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April Animal Health Checklist

Apr 3, 2020 | Biosecurity, Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare

All farms 

Facial eczema prevention

Ensure that you have prevention plans in place for all your animals, and are supplementing with zinc and monitoring zinc levels.


We often see large worm burdens after a long dry period, followed by rain, please ensure you continue to drench.


Autumn / split calvers 


Book now:

  • metrichecking 
  • free premating consult 
  • BVD testing 


Book now:

  • calf disbudding 
  • BVD ear knotches
  • clostridial vaccinations 


Spring calvers 


  • Body condition scoring 
  • Dry cow and teatsealant as prescribed 
  • Talk to your vet about trace mineral plan for winter/testing, especially a plan for the heifers arriving home from grazing. 


  • Heifers arriving home from grazing – biosecurity plan sorted? Are they on track BCS and weight wise, what are they going to be fed? 
  • Calves leaving on 1st May – have they had all the vaccinations, have you spoken to the grazier about what is expected? 

If you have any questions or concerns please talk with your Anexa Vet.

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