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  • Hoggets ready for mating
  • Toxoplasmosis and Campylobacter vaccines given
  • Flystrike prevention applied and monitor for signs of disease
  • Barbers Pole drench given
  • Continue monitoring spore counts
  • Facial Eczema Zinc given
  • Watch out for Viral Pneumonia
  • Consider faecal egg count reduction tests
  • Pre-winter trace element testing


Dairy Grazers / Young Cattle

  • Vaccinations (complete course including boosters):
    • Leptospirosis
    • BVD
    • Salmonella
    • IBR
  • Ready for Facial Eczema with Zinc in water or boluses
  • Ryegrass staggers plan in place
  • Pinkeye checked for/treated
  • Lungworm drench
  • Tickicide applied
  • Weighed and BCS



  • Pregnancy testing booked (from 6 weeks post bull out)
  • Trace element testing at culling
  • Calves weaned
  • BVD test replacements
  • Lice treatment ready
  • Fluke treatment ordered
  • Facial Eczema Zinc given


Working Dogs

  • Flea, worm and tick treatments up-to-date

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