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Animal Health Plans: What are they and why you want one

Mar 4, 2020 | Dry stock, Dry stock animal health & welfare

What is an animal health plan?

An animal health plan is a personalised planner for your farm, developed by you and your vet. This enables you to plan the entire season in advance and is excellent to use with farm staff. Your unique planner can include everything from vaccinations, to trace element supplementation, worming frequency and pregnancy scanning.

Why do an AHP?

  • The key reason is they allow planning of activities throughout the season
  • This allows a “memory jogger” for yourselves and all farm staff
  • These activities can then be costed for budgeting purposes
  • Red Meat processors are looking to make these a requirement

How do I get an animal health planner?

Arrange an appointment with your vet to discuss your farming system and identify key dates for specific animal health events. At the end of the consultation you will have discussed the entire season and all routine animal health needs. We will send you a large 12 month planner, as well as send you reminders for key events.

What you receive

A laminated wall chart is generated as well as several other smaller charts for your animal health folder and staff. You may also want to be linked to clinic reminders.

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