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Anexa Vets offer friendly and professional veterinary care

Anexa offers friendly and professional veterinary care for dairy and dry stock farmers as well as your family pets. We are committed to evidence-based practices and always prioritise the health of your animals and the success of your farming business.

Farm Veterinary Services

We offer a comprehensive range of routine veterinary care, treatment and 24/7 emergency care that you would expect from a reliable vet.

Membership is only $5.80, but the benefits are worth so much more, including a 2% discount when you pay on time.

You are supported by an experienced team including a lead vet, a local product rep, knowledgeable clinic staff, and have access to a wide network of veterinary professionals.   

Our team takes pride in practicing evidence-based medicine and ensuring that the latest research and data back up all decisions. We recognise that every farm has unique needs and we tailor our services accordingly.

We understand that farm productivity depends not only on the individual cow’s performance but also on the entire herd. Therefore, we focus on reducing the herd-level incidence of disease, maximizing herd reproduction, and monitoring performance to ensure your dairy farm’s sustainability.

Governed by a Board of farming Directors for over 100 years, we are commited to delivering value to our farmers while investing in our practice and community. We  support rural communities through animal health education, fair pricing, and sponsoring local schools and sports clubs.

Technician Services

We provide year-round technician services with on-farm assistance. Our team is supported by veterinarians, ensuring that your vet can be involved whenever required. Seasonal technicians help during crucial periods like teat sealing and disbudding, reducing the need for extra labour.

On-Farm Product and Delivery

Good animal health involves more than just veterinary medicine. We provide a range of products to help farmers sustain animal health, increase production, and prevent disease, and offer free on-farm delivery.

In-House Lab

To keep up with the ever-changing needs of the farming sector and ever-growing sample testing requirements, we offer laboratory testing that enables faster and cheaper testing for our members. Our team of highly qualified microbiologists bring years of expertise to the table, ensuring that you receive accurate results quickly and efficiently.

On-farm Training

We provide tailored, practical on-farm training and in-clinic workshops to upskill both new and experienced dairy farm staff. Partner with us for expert support and knowledge to enhance your farm’s health and productivity.

Anexa Vet Club Member Benefits

We are proud to be a club practice. Founded by farmers in 1923, our Vet Club has a proud history of supporting and servicing farmers, sharing animal health knowledge, and reinvesting in local communities.

Membership is  just $5.80 annually and you receive a 2% discount when you pay on time. We also offer Milk Match payment plan & Bundle Pet Wellness Plan.

We support your animal health planning, regulatory and compliance needs, through our online system and purpose-built apps.

Belong to a Vet Club that is directed by farmers. All members have the opportunity to vote for or become an elected Board member.

Receive free on-farm delivery and personalised support from your local product rep. Our knowledgeable team offers proven products, reliable supply, and competitive pricing.

Learn about, and benefit from, the findings from our research division Cognosco. We also offer members the opportunity to participate in studies.

Enjoy informative and social events. Receive email newsletters filled with vet advice, news articles, and podcasts aimed at farmers at all levels in the industry.

Get the best value for your animal health spend

Join Anexa Vets

Give us a call, and we can answer any questions you may have. When you are ready to sign up, simply fill out the forms and we will be in touch.

Alternatively, talk to our friendly staff at your local Anexa Vets clinic

Anexa Vets have helped us improve cow condition, raise repro performance, but also injected some enthusiasm back into us.

J & C Henry

“For me it comes down to trust and I really do trust these guys, they do a great job for us” 

G White

Anexa has worked alongside us in our farming business for over 29 years. They are a leading veterinary practice who offer a wide range of services, and pride themselves on delivering current, well-researched advice. Anexa Vets always bring their ‘A’ game, and we have 100% confidence in their ability to deliver what we need when we need it.   

D & J Davis

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