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Anexa FVC is working for you

Jun 8, 2017 | Dairy

The vet club was established 94 years ago for farmers, by farmers. While we continue to offer a wide range of core dairy specialist services including:

  • InCalf and Healthy Hoof Advisors 
  • Body Condition Scoring Assessors 
  • Intelact / Headlands Consultants 
  • Accredited Fonterra Mastitis Advisors 

We recognise that the Dairying industry is evolving and our members need us to be innovative and deliver practical solutions to the constant changes we both face. These solutions are designed to not only make your life easier but also aim to improve your bottom line.

Recent examples of how we are working for our farmers: 

  • Onsite lab testing – to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the farming sector and ever-growing sample testing requirements, we offer laboratory testing that enables faster and more cost effective testing for our clients. 
  • 2% prompt payment discount for members  - When you pay on time, plus other member only offers on products and services throughout the year. 
  • Hoof trimming partnership  - we recognise the effect lameness can have on your herd’s production and reproduction. As part of a prevention strategy we have entered into a partnership with Hoof-it, to give our members a cost effective hoof management option. Hoof-it is owned and operated by Waikato based Stuart Rogers. 

Want to know more?  Talk to your lead Vet for specifics, then keep an eye out in upcoming newsletters for further initiatives (this month we have – We are focused on practical solutions, and we’re here to help.

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