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4 Signs that your pet may have a seasonal allergy

Sep 1, 2017 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

While human symptoms of seasonal allergies often include sneezing or watery eyes, dogs show seasonal allergies differently. They absorb airborne allergens mainly through their skin, not by inhaling it. A cut or tear in the surface of the skin, such as from scratching, allows allergens in. Strengthening the skin through proper nutrition will help to decrease the passage of allergens through the skin barrier and improve the skin healing ability.


When to visit your Vet
• Strong odour
• Discharge
• Recurring ear infections
• Scratching or pawing at ears
• Shaking head
Allergies are a common cause of ear infections.


When to visit your Vet
• Itching
• Excessive chewing at paws
• Grooming is removing fur
• Paw redness or soreness
• Discolouration from licking
Itchy paws can be a sign of allergies – may even to the same pollen you’re allergic to!


When to visit your Vet
• Swollen eyes
• Reddened eyes
• Weeping eyes
• Painful eyes – rubbing eyes
• Eye discharge
Try gently wiping away mild eye discharge daily.


When to visit your Vet
• Constant and obsessive grooming
• Skin redness or lesions
• Itching
• Hair loss
Seasonal allergies are a major cause of many skin problems.

For further advice, please talk to your Anexa FVC Vet.

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